2022-23 Confirmation Registration Form

2022-23 Confirmation Registration Form

  • City, State, Country (if not USA)
  • Baptism is required for Confirmation. Please place all zeros in this field, if the confirmand has yet to be baptized. Emily Given will contact you about baptismal preparation.
  • Please be sure to give us the confirmand's phone number (and not a parent's number). Texting will be a key communication mode for the program.
  • (Adult Sizes)
  • Each confirmand is asked to select their own mentor for the length of the program. (It is the perfect opportunity for a Godparent to serve in this capacity.) This mentor should be a local adult who has an active spritual life and is willing to share their faith. This person should not be a parent or step parent of the confirmand. If you would like assistance selecting a mentor or have additional questions, please indicate that in the space above. The scope of commitment is at lease three meetings, participation in three Sunday classes, and presence at Confirmation Vigil (June 3) and Confirmation (June 4). You may also contact Emily Given for additional information - egiven@stdavidschurch.org.
  • Parent/Guardian #1 Information

  • Texting will be a key notification mode for parents/guardians, in addition to emails.
  • Parent/Guardian #2 Information

  • Please complete, if different than confirmand or parent/guardian #1.
  • Adult participation is key to a well-run program and a meaningful family experience. Please select one or more ways you plan to support Confirmation this year.
  • Emergency Contact (Non-Parent)

  • May we use the image of your confirmand in church-related publications, website, livestream, and social media?
  • I recognize that Confirmation is a significant faith milestone. I commit to 85% attendance in order to be confirmed.
  • I recognize the Confirmation Vigil and Dinner will be held on June 3, and Confirmation will held on June 4 at St. David's Church. Both dates are required.
  • There is a $75.00 fee to participate in confirmation programs this year. Please indicate how you intend to pay. Scholarships are available by contacting Emily Given.

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