Growing in Grace: A Practice

Hybrid: Undercroft and Zoom
Led by Amy Dolan

“If you want to have a spiritual life, you must unify your life.A life is either all spiritual or not spiritual at all.” – Thomas Merton

Steadily develop PRACTICAL, ACCESSIBLE practices during this year of Growing in Grace. Seven months of practice will allow them to take deep root in your life. Not only will you finish this course with a more tangible, fruitful faith, you will have deeper self-understanding and more self-compassion. You will find yourself living and loving with more grace than you imagined possible.With a handful of simple daily practices (students are asked to commit to practicing 3-5 days a week throughout this course), you can live a more graceful, spiritually enriched life.

  • Moving your body (gentle yoga or other exercise of your choice)
  • Mindful breathing
  • Meditation and prayer
  • Journaling and self-reflection based on assigned readings and prompts
  • Connecting with a supportive community
  • Observing one day of rest (sabbath) a week

Watch this video from our partners at The Hive to learn more:

The focus of our practices during our time together will be ten, time-tested principles. The first five are proven to keep us in right relationship with ourselves, others, and God. The second five help us steer clear of the self-induced chaos we all bring to our lives when we aren’t mindful.There is a physical component to these classes, but this is not an exercise class. We will be practicing VERY gentle yoga movements and stretches in order to learn how to coordinate movement and breath. You may choose yoga for your home practice or choose to apply the breath and focus skills that you will develop in this course to another form of movement.Growing in grace is possible for all of us. The practices in this course will draw your spirituality into your everyday life so it supports every activity and relationship of your life. You will end these 23 weeks with practices in place to support your grace-full life for years to come. Cost is $200 per person. Scholarships are available.

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