The Art Gallery at St. David’s

The Art Gallery offers fine art and photography for sale. All are invited to gallery openings and to browse exhibitions that feature local and regional artists. Sale proceeds from the non-profit Art Gallery and adjacent Gift Shop are distributed to international outreach partners that provide funding for educational, feeding, health, and human service initiatives.

Roe Murray employs both oil and watercolor, often with thick brushstrokes, to display the muted tones of a salt marsh or the bright reds of beds of poppies. Of her current work, Roe says “ I am particularly drawn to gardenscapes because I love flowers and patterns. I am attracted to color the way a moth is attracted to bright light.” A Moore School of Art graduate who also studied at Tyler School, Roe is a Signature Member of the Philadelphia Water Color Society and Delaware Valley Art League. She also teaches
privately, at the Delaware Art Museum and the Chester County Art Association.

Angela Scully is a painter who uses watercolor to display her love of animals and to produce colorful and energetic still lifes and landscapes. A self-taught artist, she paints to express the adventure and joy in the world around her whether following the hounds or strolling a flower-lined path. Her use of shadow and light enhances her skillful use of color. Angela often exhibits locally in galleries and coffee shops and is a first prize winner and member of the Delaware Valley Art League. When not painting, Angela serves as a consultant to nonprofit organizations, helping them to thrive and grow.

Lee Walsh creates landscapes using oil paints or pastels. Lee loves the beauty of the east coast and finds “fabulous inspiration here”. A field of corn, seen from above, provides one image, while a clapboard house on the hill, overlooking Nantucket blue waters, elicits a totally different response. “I enjoy color and all the beautiful shades that nature provides. I find that I am always tempted by a beautiful sunrise and a magnificent sunset. I love the play of light and shadow and am passionate about incredible skies and the dance of the clouds.” Lee’s expressive brush strokes enhance the beauty of the subject matter.

These pieces, as well as other small and unframed works, are now available to view and purchase by appointment at the Art Gallery at St. David’s Episcopal Church. To make an appointment, or to request additional information, please email or call 610-688-7947 x231.
610-688-7947 x231
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