The Art Gallery at St. David’s

The Art Gallery at St. David’s Episcopal Church provides fine art for sale to parishioners and the wider community. All products are then directed to the church’s overseas partners to support them through educational, health, and human service initiatives, as a tangible expression of God’s love to one another.
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“Timeless Moments; Art of Photography” by John A. Beningo

John’s interest in photography began in the mid-1950’s when his father brought home one of the first Polaroid Land cameras. John was ill and his father thought the camera would cheer him up. He was right. John still has that camera and has added many others to make photographs ever since. Much of John’s work focuses on the landscapes of Pennsylvania’s Lancaster County, New Jersey lighthouses, New Mexico, (especially the adobe churches), and Arizona . John also uses his studio where he has created a series called “White Flowers”.

John describes the role of photographic realism in his art. “My real interest is to capture timeless moments in the landscape, and, if the land has been influenced by man, to stimulate curiosity about how, when and why.  To quote Eudora Welty, ‘Place is my source of knowledge. It tells me important things. . . ‘ “

John Benigno’s exhibit will remain at the St. David’s Church Art Gallery from July 1 through September 29. A reception with the artist will take place on Friday, September 6 from 6:00 until 8:00 pm.

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