The Gift Shop & Art Gallery in 2021

“Where every purchase empowers and transforms lives .”

The Gift Shop started more than two decades ago with an idea and a table laden with artifacts brought back from a mission trip to Uganda. Those items were sold and the profits were donated back to Uganda’s children in need. In 1999, with $5,000 in seed money and a prayer, that simple concept evolved into a tiny shop located under the steps of the Harrison Room; The Gift Shop at St. David’s Church was born.

The Gift Shop, staffed by volunteers, is currently celebrating its 22nd anniversary and has grown exponentially in size and impact. Now located on the main floor of the church adjacent to the reception area, the shop helps provide a significant amount of funding for feeding, clean water, educational and medical initiatives through the church’s international outreach programs in Cuba, Guatemala and Uganda.

“Merchandise is sourced from artisans around the world. Savvyonline has dubbed the shop “one of the best kept secrets on the Main Line.”

Currently the only Christian gift shop on the Main Line, the shop offers crosses, Bibles and many other religious items. The Gift Shop also features a wide array of fair trade and popular brands, offering shoppers an expansive selection of gifts for all occasions. Merchandise is sourced from artisans around the world. Savvy Main Line has dubbed the shop “one of the best kept secrets on the Main Line.”

In 2018, The Gift Shop branched out with the addition of The Art Gallery at St. David’s. The gallery provides a juried exhibition of ever-changing fine art for sale. Profits from The Art Gallery also help to support the church’s international outreach programs.

When you shop at The Gift Shop and Art Gallery, it is a triple win. The artisan is paid a fair wage, you or your gift recipient receives a meaningful gift and you help those in need around the world through the church’s international outreach programs.

In addition to offering material goods, The Gift Shop is a conduit for World Gifts, an alternative giving program that allows you to make a direct donation to the church’s outreach missions in your name or the name of a loved one, while giving the gift of hope to others. Donations may be made in the Gift Shop, as well as directly to the church’s finance department or on the church’s website.

To date, the Gift Shop, The Art Gallery and World Gifts have donated upwards of $300,000 to our international outreach partners.

While 2019 was one the shop’s most profitable years, the pandemic forced The Gift Shop to close its doors in early 2020. Since then the shop and gallery have responded with several reinventions including curbside shopping as well as online shopping, utilizing the church’s givesmart software from The Unfair!

We look forward to expanding our online presence and reopening our doors for in-store shopping in the near future. With your continued support of these ministries, we can continue to realize our mission of empowering those in need and transforming lives.

To shop online, click on the following link For additional information or to volunteer in The Gift Shop and/or The Art Gallery, contact us at 484-580-8486 or