Christmas Pageant

2022 Christmas Pageant
Cast list posted below.

Sunday, December 18th at 11:30am
Monday, December 19th at 7:00pm
In the Chapel and Livestreamed

Pageant Director: Alison Hastings

The St. David’s Annual Christmas Pageant is a beloved tradition that has been performed for decades, featuring adults and children from the church, as well as live animals! The mission is to provide the children of our parish with a memorable experience regarding the traditional Christian Christmas story. We aim to involve not only the children but their parents and other interested adults who wish to help us with this mission.

Parts for Children & Youth*

Below is a list of the parts that we will be casting for each performance:

  1. Shepherds: 11 years old to adult
  2. Star Child: 5-7 year old girls
    Rehearsal attendance mandatory
  3. Drummer Boy: 6-8 year old boys
    Rehearsal attendance mandatory
  4. Kings’ Attendants: 6-9 year olds
    Rehearsal attendance mandatory
  5. Woodman’s Attendants: 9-12 year olds
  6. Children of the World & Gift Bearers: 2-10 year olds
  7. Angels: 4 year olds** to adult
    **If under 8 years old, child must be accompanied by parent angel
  8. Mary & Joseph: High school age
    Preference will be given to high school seniors

*Adult roles are cast by the director.

2022 Pageant Cast List posted below.

Children and adults of St. David’s are invited to celebrate Advent and Christmas by participating in the 2022 St. David’s Christmas Pageant. We encourage all participants (ages 5 and up) to be vaccinated.

Tuesday, December 13th from 5:30 to 6:30pm

Everyone cast as Mary, Joseph, the Star Child, the little Drummer Boy, or the Kings’ Attendants is required to attend this rehearsal. Even if your child is not one of these scheduled parts, it is still helpful for all to attend. Please make note of this rehearsal and add it to your schedule before registering to participate, particularly if interested in the parts noted above.