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Welcome! St. David’s is a growing and vibrant spiritual community. We delight in having visitors for worship, education and fellowship so we invite you to join us at any time to experience God’s love and grace first hand. On Sundays, visit our newcomer table in the Narthex and look for a friendly greeter who can help you find your way and help you learn more about our community. We understand that people often seek a church during a transition in their lives, and St. David’s is here to support and guide you through these life changes. We seek to be your spiritual home.


Explore St. David’s


St. David’s is an active, vibrant parish. As a matter of fact, it is one of the things that newcomers notice first about us — there is an energizing spirit here and a lot of programs and activities to help you build a Christ centered life. Some areas you might be interested in are:



We have a rich and talented music program including Adult, Youth and Children’s choirs, as well as Adult Chamber and Bell choirs that provide music for worship and special performances throughout the year.


Education & Discipleship

St. David’s Education & Discipleship opportunities range from weekly classes on Sunday morning and throughout the week to bible studies for adults, as well as a complete Sunday curriculum for ages Pre-K to High School.



St. David’s gives over 1/3 of its total operating budget to both local and international outreach programs to help share the love of Christ with those who are in need. You can volunteer to work in The Gift Shop, choose to feed the hungry at a local soup kitchen, or help sort and bring donations to one of our many outreach partners.



Serving the Lord can be as simple as coming to church to serving during worship as part of the lay assistants, altar guild, or Eucharistic Ministers.


Pastoral Care

If you have the caring touch, if you are interested in reaching out to care for those who need support and guidance, we offer opportunities to become a Stephen Minister, help the bereaved or visit the sick.



Additionally, St. David’s has many Fellowship groups and special events where you can meet new friends. We look forward to seeing you at a future event!


New Members Class

St. David’s offers a curriculum every Sunday morning at 10:30 am in St. David’s Hall or the Harrison Room. This year, our theme is ‘The Christian Life.’ For more information, please visit our education & discipleship page.



We are always looking for volunteers to help out at any of our various events, ministries, or programs. Click the button below to learn about all of our volunteer opportunities.


Sundays at St. David’s


We would love for you to join as at any of the following worship services here at St. David’s:

8:00am | Holy Eucharist Rite I | Church
10:00am | Holy Eucharist Rite II | Chapel
5:00pm | Holy Eucharist Rite II | Church

Adult Education

Adult Education has ended for the summer. Please check back here in September for more information on our education classes.

Bible Study

Join parishioner, Craig Laird in the Quiet Room at 10:30 am each Sunday for a Sunday lectionary Bible Study. We will journey through the selected lectionary readings, as a continued consideration of the Sunday texts, or a preview (if you attend a later service). All are welcome!

Children & Youth Formation

Childcare (3 Months – 4 Years Old)

Childcare is provided during worship and other events that will benefit parents, including: fellowship activities, community groups, and other special events. On Sunday mornings, childcare is available from 8:45 am to 12:15 pm. Drop off and pick up is in the Childcare Nursery (Chapel lower level), where you will receive a beeper in the case you need to be reached.

Primary Education (Pre-K, Kindergarten, Grade 1)

Join us Sunday mornings in the Primary Education Room from 9:00am to 11:15am (with an early pick up at 10:40am for those not staying for Adult Education hour) as we rotate through the following classes: Godly Play (a Montessori-based Sunday School curriculum), Arts & Crafts, Park Play and story time, with snacks and a music lesson with Dr. Elaine Sonnenberg. Drop off and pick up in Undercroft C.

Children’s Sermon (Grades 5 and Younger)

From September through May, during the 9:15 am service, children join one of our priests as they present a child-friendly sermon, using the daily Gospel as inspiration. The children will be led out to the Choir Room and then returned to the Chapel during the peace.

Elementary Education (Grades 2-5)

After the 9:15 am service, children in grades two through five gather on the St. David’s Hallway to be led to one of our Sunday School classrooms. Each month one Bible story is explored through a variety of multimedia workshops; art, cooking, theater or drama. Pick up is on the St. David’s Hall stage at 11:15 am.

Middle School Education (Grades 6-7)

After the 9:15 am service in the Chapel, children in grades six and seven meet on the St. David’s Hallway to be led to their Sunday School classroom – Conference Room 1. The Sunday School program for this age engages Biblical narrative using storytelling (video), creative reflection and communal conversation. They will have a personal journal to capture their interpretation through writing or drawing. Children will return to St. David’s Hallway at 11:15 am.

Confirmation (Grade 8)

Confirmation is the beginning of the spiritual journey to adult membership for the youth in the Episcopal Church. It is a time marked by deep exploration of the faith and how they can personally live into the mission of St. David’s Church.

The Confirmation journey consists of five components:

  1. Instruction: After the 9:15 am worship, confirmands will meet in the Undercroft for education.
  2. Worship: Confirmands will attend worship and participate in Family Ministries Sunday.
  3. Rule of Life: Confirmands will prepare a Rule of Life. More information to follow.
  4. Outreach: Confirmands will have the opportunity to work cooperatively on a local outreach project.
  5. Mentors: Each student selects a mentor to be their companion for the journey.

High School Education (Grades 9-12)

Our High School youth meet in the Youth Lounge each Sunday morning at 10:30 am over coffee and doughnuts to discuss how their faith helps them interpret the Biblical readings of the day as well as the front-page news of the week.


Worship is at the heart of all we do at St. David’s. If you are unable to join us for services on Sunday, use this page to hear the weekly sermon from the chapel pulpit. If you would like a copy of the sermon mailed to your home, please call the office at 610.688.7947.

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