Holy Baptism is the initiation by water and the Holy Spirit into Christ’s Body, the Church. In the Episcopal Church, Baptism is the entry rite into the Christian life. Baptism is the only requirement for joining in the Holy Eucharist and all other ministries of the Church.

Each candidate for Holy Baptism is sponsored by one or more baptized persons. The sacrament takes place during weekly worship services. Candidates of all ages are baptized on the dates listed on the Baptismal Registration Form found below.

To Be Baptized:

  1. Complete the registration form below
  2. Select the day and service you would like your ceremony
  3. Attend the Baptism walk-through the Saturday before the ceremony

Download a Guide to Services of Holy Baptism by clicking the button below.


Register for Baptism

Staff Contact: Heather Sill | | x205


    We as Christian parents understand and accept out responsibility to provide for the nurture of our child, in the knowledge and love of the Lord. We intend to provide religious instruction in the home, attend church regularly, to enroll our child in a parish program of Christian Education and to see that our child is presented to a Bishop for Confirmation when the child has reached an appropriate age. We look to St. David’s Parish and to the Episcopal Church* in whatever community we may reside in the future for the spiritual support and resource we will need in this important work.
We are a church on a mission to know God in Jesus Christ and make Christ known to others.