Archives Committee

God has spoken to and through the people of St. David’s (Radnor) Church through the centuries. Collecting and preserving our archived materials, past and present, enables us to honor this heritage and share our story, thus making Christ known to others.
The committee carries out this mission in several ways:

Cataloging the material in the Committee’s possession

Collecting Current Records for Archiving

    • On Wednesday mornings a convivial group gathers in the Archives room to collect and organize records for inclusion in our collection.

Creating rotating displays in the hallway between the Chapel Narthex and St. David’s Hall

Publishing Historical Material of St. David’s

    • Publications in process include “Old Saint David’s Confronts Change: The Building of the 1956 Chapel;” “The Story of the St. David’s Country Fair;” “The Relationship of Brognard Okie, Prominent Architect, to St. David’s”, and “A History of Our International Mission Trips.”

Producing a Summer Series

    • ‘Old Saint David’s Confronts Change: Building the 1956 Chapel’ presented by Brad Smith (2022)
    • ‘A Look into the Past: Remembering African American Church History’ presented by Samantha Lucas (2022)
    • ‘The Search for the Original Owners of the Land Where Old Saint David’s Stands’ presented by Torben Jenk (2022)
    • ‘Opus 84 Organ Presentation with Dr. Joe Bonn’ an illustrated live-streamed talk (2020)
    • ‘Architectural Tour of the 2006 Chapel’ presented by Michael Merrick
    • ‘Historic Interpretation at St. David’s Church’ presented by Bill Stroud
    • ‘Legends of St. David’s’ presented by Michael Merrick
    • ‘The Period of Shared Missionaries During the Revolutionary War’ presented by Stephen Dittman
    • ‘Luther500 Celebration of Posting 500 Theses’ presented by Sanford Groff

View the video below for a presentation by Dr. Joe Bonn about the history of research, decisions, and events that brought St. David’s the Opus 84: A Pipe Organ for the 4th Century of St. David’s Church.

Seeking Descendants of St. David’s Revolutionary War soldiers

[November 7, 2022]

The Parish History & Archives Committee is currently attempting to identify information on the past members who participated in the Revolutionary War. Many are buried at St. David’s Churchyard. Anthony Wayne is probably the most well-known. There are other less famous here as well. Some also are buried in other locations, and were active in the Church at the time of the War. Please find a list below of the people of particular interest. If you are a descendant or connected in some way and have and are willing to provide information, it would be helpful for this project. We would be glad to see what you have. Thank you.

Please contact Chas Wargo at 610-945-8080 or

Revolutionary War Soldiers Buried in the Churchyard

Major General Anthony Wayne (1745-1796); Vestryman

Captain (Navy) William Hayman (1740-1823); Vestryman

Major (Militia) William Brooke (1746-1929); Vestryman, [a General in War of 1812]

Captain John Hunter (1747-1821); Vestryman

Corporal Hugh Jones (1748-1796); Vestryman

Private (Militia) Robert Mather (1743-1818); Vestryman

Private Philip Sheaff (1741-1829); Vestryman

Private (Militia) Richard Currie (@1750-1776)

Thomas Read (ca,1726-1804); Vestryman

John Roberts (ca.1737-1790)

John Thomas (1755-1850)

Revolutionary Soldiers from St. David’s buried elsewhere

Lt. Col. (Militia) Richard Willing (1744-1798); Vestryman

Captain Samuel Van Leer (1747-1825); Vestryman

The Rev. Slater Clay (1747-1821); Rector [Civil Service in Delaware]

Lt. Col. Isaac Hughes (1747-1782); Vestryman

First Lieutenant Ross Currie

Surgeon William Currie

Private Peter DeHaven (1741-1822); Parish Clerk

Griffith James (d. 1812) “Patriotic Services”

Private Samuel Smiley, Jr. (1760-1831)

Service not clear

John Sturgis

John Taylor

2022 Summer Talks Series

Wednesdays at 7:00pm in the Chapel

July 6: Brad Smith

Old Saint David’s Confronts Change: Building the 1956 Chapel

July 13: Samantha Lucas

A Look into the Past: Remembering African American Church History

July 20: Torben Jenk

The Search for the Original Owners of the Land Where Old Saint David’s Stands

Published Booklets by the Parish History & Archives Committee

We would welcome volunteers who enjoy discovering, organizing, describing and cataloging the materials in our collection. Contact Marianne Cook for details.

We are a church on a mission to know God in Jesus Christ and make Christ known to others.