The mission of the Property Commission is to protect and enhance the physical assets of the church and to ensure that those assets are passed on to future generations. St. David’s worship, education, and fellowship spaces exist on 39 acres, which also include the St. David’s Graveyard. The Property Commission is tasked with the responsibility of identifying and prioritizing short-term and long-term capital projects that guarantee the continued use of the grounds and buildings, in support of the mission and ministry of the church for future generations.

Opportunities to Serve the Property

From significant improvements to the arboretum and a thorough study of the stream and marsh lands, the Property Commission has been identifying ways to improve the overall property experience for all members of the community. The arboretum has realized several enhancements to this contemplative space; a general clean-up of the area, newly defined pathways, and the addition of new railroad ties and wood chips along with a beautifully crafted cross. There is always more work to be done!

Campus Buildings
St. David’s campus has multiple buildings that need constant maintenance of both structures and systems. From increasing connectivity speeds, to livestreaming, to system care and upkeep, paving and painting, there is always something in need  of repair and replacement. Individuals with interest are encouraged to join the Property Commission.

Campus Care Corps
Volunteers water and maintain potted flowers and plants around the buildings and grounds.

Property volunteers oversee new roadways, burial plot maps, berms, mausoleum and headstone preservation. Always something to discuss!

The Property Serving Others

Creation Care
Through education, action, and justice, this ministry focuses on environmental stewardship in Christian life in order to safeguard the integrity of creation and to sustain and renew the life of the Earth.

Good News Garden & Pantry Patch
The Good News Garden is an Episcopal church-wide movement involved in a variety of food and creation-care ministries. The Pantry Patch is a section of the garden committed to growing food for the community and has an energetic group of volunteers who tend the plot. The Pantry Patch is currently partnered with the Ardmore Food Pantry, run out of St. Mary’s Episcopal Church, Ardmore.

Parish History and Archives Committee
The Archives Committee collects, preserves, discusses, and displays archival materials, past and present. The committee honors the St. David’s heritage and story, thus making Christ known to others. The committee collects current records for archiving, publishes historical material, and produces a summer talking series.


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