In the Christian faith, marriage is the covenant between two people entered into before God in the Church. It is never seen as a private event and, for that reason, weddings take place in the presence of Christian witnesses and invited guests in the presence of God in the St. David’s Chapel or Church.

Marriage is a sacramental institution, given to us by God for our mutual joy and is the visible sign of the mystery of the union of love between Christ and the Church – a sign of gracious, sacrificing, faithful love. It is a lifelong commitment by two people to love, honor and cherish one another through life in faithfulness and true godliness.

At least one person must be a baptized Christian and should be an active contributing member of St. David’s Church or the child of parents or grandparents who are active members of the church. When the date is set through our wedding coordinator, a clergy person will be assigned to provide spiritual direction and guidance in preparation for the marriage. There will be a minimum of three meetings between the bride, groom and priest. A person, or persons, who have previously been married and divorced must secure written permission to marry from the Bishop of the Diocese of Pennsylvania. The Bishop’s consent will be granted upon the recommendation of the Rector.

Please contact our Wedding Coordinator, by leaving a message in the office or calling 610-692-2979. She will assist you planning the ceremony and answer your questions about the preparation process.

Wedding Music at St. David’s Episcopal Church

A wedding is a sacred service, a time of joy, and above all, a time to praise and glorify God. Below are some suggestions for your consideration. You may also request a vocal soloist, or consider using additional instruments such as violin, harp, flute, classical guitar, strings, or brass. Please fill out the Wedding Music Form below.

If you have any questions regarding the music for your wedding ceremony, please contact Elaine Sonnenberg at 484.588.5641 or

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    If you would like a trumpeter, other instrumentalists, or a vocalist, let us know at least two months in advance so that we may secure the services of a professional musician. We will provide you with their name and fee. Instrumental or vocal music selections usually take place during the prelude time (about 15 minutes of music preceding the service).
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