Kingdom Matters

Jesus says, “But strive first for the kingdom of God and God’s righteousness, and all these things (of life) will be given to you as well.”
~ Matthew 6:33
Dear People of St. David’s,
I pray that you and yours are safe and well and that there is some peace in your hearts in these turbulent times. God never leaves us to face life and challenges on our own. Even now God is with us. God is guiding our lives. God is working out God’s plan of salvation for you, me and the entire world. It’s looking a little messy at this particular moment for a lot of us, for our nation and the world, but we can all take heart that God is with us and God is faithful.
I gave a little reminder in my sermon on Sunday that we are living into our mission this year by living into the Way of Love. I know for some of us this has been a fruitful aspect of our mission as we consider how we can live in love with God and one another more and more. I know, too, that for others of us, it’s just a nice add-on to our list of things to focus on in our lives, among several others.
What I want us all to understand is that this Way of Love is the life we are called to be living. I understand that Jesus’ call to be His followers means that the Way of Love is the way of life we are called to live before and above all other endeavors and interests and associations. And so that there can be no misunderstanding, Jesus expects us to live into the Way of Love as our primary focus and commitment above and before our work and play; above and before our political associations and interests; and even above and before our closest relationships.
This is among the most challenging principles of Jesus’ teachings, putting kingdom matters before and above all others. Jesus calls us to put kingdom matters first because He knows that when we put God first, all the ‘things’ of life will be given to us as well. They are not mutually exclusive. Choosing to live the Way of Love is seeking God’s kingdom and God’s righteousness. No other way of life qualifies for those of us who call ourselves Christians. No other way of life opens the way for God in our lives and in the life of the world.
So today and going forward, I encourage us all to choose one priority – God’s kingdom, God’s righteousness, God’s Way of Love. For when we do, we will enjoy a life of peace and grace and goodness and love that are promised to us by God for our lives and for the life of the world.
Grace and Peace and Love,
The Rev. W. Frank Allen