Live Stream

Living Out the Way of Love

Sundays in May, starting May 9th
} 10:30am

For 3 weeks in May, Adult Forum and Coffee Hour will feature 3 of St. David’s Outreach partners. This series will include engaging conversations with Latinx ministry, Episcopal Community Services, and the Interfaith Hospitality Network and how St. David’s is living out and blessing others in the Way of Love.

Join Adult Forum and Coffee Hour at 10:30 am on Zoom to learn more about how St. David’s is partnering with local ministries and organizations.


  • May 9th – Partnerships with the Church of the Crucifixion and Latinx communities with the Rev. Jessie Alejandro
  • May 16th – Episcopal Community Services with the Rev. David Anderson
  • May 23rd – Interfaith Hospitality Network with Allegra Cressman


We are a church on a mission to know God in Jesus Christ and make Christ known to others.