Preparing the Way

“Prepare the Way of the Lord, make straight paths for God.” 

~ Isaiah 40:3 and Luke 3:4

Dear People of St. David’s,

I pray that you and yours are well on these crisp fall days. I pray, too, that as we prepare for our annual Christmas celebrations, we are also looking for ways to prepare our hearts and lives for God to enter in.

Preparing our hearts and lives for God to enter in is part of the Christian life in every season. God is always inviting us to prepare some space in our lives for God to come in. It’s part of the wonder of God’s love that God is ready to come into our lives at any time. Yet, God also respects our free will so much that God will only come in when invited or when we take physical steps to make room for God. So, in this season of Advent, we are all called to make a space, to prepare a way, to make some choices about how we are living so God can come in.

The prophet Isaiah and John the Baptist talked about opening our lives to God in terms of making a straight path or a direct path for God. I like to talk about it in terms setting aside time for God or participating in physical activities so that God can come in. So let me offer a few ways for all of us to make the path straight or to make time for God this Advent.

First, take some time. We are gifted with 24 hours every day and offering some of that time to God in prayer, reading the Bible, joining the Advent Close to Home offering on Wednesday evenings, or just being still will open the way for God. Five minutes a day will make a great start or a great addition if you’re already involved in some spiritual practice.

Second, come to church. Yes, we continue to livestream at the 9:15am Sunday service, but there’s room for you in church on Sundays at one of our five services. Come to the Messiah concert on Sunday afternoon and Lessons and Carols next Sunday. It’s so powerful to worship in community.

Third, as you are thinking of and buying gifts for others, think of buying something for someone in need. This year we have the gathering of toys, gift cards for families, the mitten tree, and the World Gifts program. Generosity is one of the quickest ways we can experience God in our lives.

Finally, I hope you can join us on Friday night at the Christmas Market & Tree Lighting to be a physical part of our community, to sing some carols together, and to see the Churchyard lit up.

Have a blessed Advent.

Grace and Peace,

The Rev. W. Frank Allen