Let Your Light Shine


Let Your Light Shine

Jesus says, “Let your light shine so that others may see your good works and give glory to God in heaven.” Matthew 5:15 Dear People of St. David’s, I pray that you and yours are safe and well and happy on these beautiful spring days. Spring is one of those seasons... read more

How Much Faith Matters

I pray that you and yours are safe and well and warm on these cold January days. I pray, too, that some of the light of Christmas continues to shine in your life to give you hope and to allow you to bring hope to others. For the light of God that is in us, however small or dim, brings light to our lives and to the lives of everyone around us.

We are living in a year in which we are focusing on Faith Matters. It’s the theme or focus we’ve taken up for the year as a way to learn more about our faith in terms of what we Christians believe about God and how we are to live our lives…

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We are a church on a mission to know God in Jesus Christ and make Christ known to others.