COVID-19 Update


Dear People of St. David’s,

We pray that you and yours are safe and well. We are excited to share with you some important changes for our worship and gatherings at St. David’s as a result of the relaxed guidelines of the CDC and our Bishop.


Beginning this Sunday, May 23, we will be moving to full capacity for our worship on Sundays. Those of us who are fully vaccinated and feel comfortable will not have to wear masks, can relax physical distancing and can sing fully in worship. Those of us who are not fully vaccinated, as well as children, will continue to be required to wear masks, keep appropriate physical distancing and only hum or sing softly during the worship.

All of us will continue to register for worship ahead of time or sign in upon arrival in the event that we need to track exposures. We will continue to receive communion in one kind only, the bread, until such time as we are given new guidelines.

On June 6, we will open the Church for the 8 am, Rite I worship. Over the summer we will also hold some worship outdoors — details forthcoming! Keep in mind that it will be difficult to keep physical distancing inside the Church. We will continue to worship in the Chapel at 9:15 am and 5 pm through the summer.

On June 6, we will also return to having a children’s sermon time during the 9:15 am Chapel worship. This will take place outside the Chapel so children will be able to remove their masks outdoors in keeping with the current guidelines. They will return during the Peace and be able to share in the Holy Communion masked.

On June 6, the summer choir will take up its ministry and all are welcome to come early to rehearse and offer their musical gifts to God and to all of us.

Finally, we would love for all of us to return to wearing our nametags as a sign of welcome to one another and to those who are new to St. David’s Church. If you do not have a nametag or it has been misplaced, please call the office (610-688-7947) and we will make one for you.

Other Gatherings Going Forward

Like worship, those of us who are fully vaccinated and feel comfortable do not have to wear a mask or keep physical distancing when at St. David’s. And, for those of us who are not vaccinated, including children, we request that you continue to wear a mask while here in accordance with the Bishop’s directives. All outdoor activities may take place without masks.

This is a welcome step to a return to our shared life in God! As the circumstances change and as we are given new guidelines, we will make the changes and communicate them with the parish.

We are deeply thankful to God for carrying us through these challenging times and for your faithfulness, generosity and love. We continue to operate by the law of love to keep one another safe. We look forward with you to more and more opportunities for all of us to be together and pray that those days comes swiftly.

Grace and Peace and Love,

The Rev. W. Frank Allen
Rector of St. David’s
Jim Dolan
Rector’s Warden
We are a church on a mission to know God in Jesus Christ and make Christ known to others.