New Year Rector Search Update

January 8, 2024

Following on last week’s announcement of the Rev. Devon Anderson’s imminent arrival as our interim rector, we also have an update on the permanent rector search.

The discernment committee had an active November and December and are now planning in-person visits with candidates at their churches. The committee remains grateful for the ongoing prayers and support of the St. David’s congregation and feel truly blessed to have this opportunity to get to know wonderful priests in the broader Episcopal community.

We are very grateful for the dedication and hard work of our discernment committee. We ask you to keep in mind that details of the process are kept confidential. This is to ensure the privacy of our candidates, who often are working at other churches that may not be aware these clergy persons are searching, and to allow our committee to focus on the work and listening to where the Holy Spirit is sending them. What we share with the whole community is exactly the same message the vestry receives. This is deliberate so that when we are presented with a candidate, we can view this person without bias and make the choice that is best for our entire community. What we can say to you with confidence is that this process is well underway, on perfect track to be completed in a reasonable time frame, and well organized. The candidate pool is promising, and thoughtful care is being given to every part of this process. We are in good hands.

The wardens and vestry will continue to send emails and post information here on the transition page on St. David’s website when updates become available. In the meantime, please join us in welcoming the Rev. Anderson to our St. David’s community.

We remain your faithful servants,

The Wardens of St. David’s
James B. Dolan, Jr., Rector’s Warden         Alison Hastings, Junior Warden
Jay Baldwin, Accounting Warden               Jeff Rohrbeck, Secretary