Spring is Welcomed in the Arboretum

“For where two or three gather together in My name, there am I with them.” Matthew 18:20

The Arboretum is an outdoor worship space located between the graveyard, stream, the gardens and the bees. The stream runs through the Arboretum, providing a calming sound and space for reflection. Birds add a symphony of sound especially now as the space is coming alive. Sit on the benches and view the magnificent cross made by Digger Higgins. The benches and cross offer a peaceful gathering place.

The Arboretum is available for solitary meditation and reflection experiencing God’s work through nature or group gatherings using the benches or bringing your own chairs.

On Saturday March 20th, St. David’s held an All Parish Work Day to clean up the Arboretum and lay the 4/4 pieces of wood to outline the paths. Workers, including children, assisted with all aspects of the workday. There were many jobs for all the volunteers, which ranged from picking up sticks and raking leaves to drilling wood and hammering rebar as well as cutting pieces of wood to fit and delivering water. Parishioners turned out and accomplished so much!

The Arboretum is now in “spring mode.” Daffodils, lots of them, are coming up and will be a “riot” of color!

Come an enjoy the revitalized Arboretum!!