Start With Prayer

Jesus says, “And whenever you pray . . .” Matthew 6:5 Dear People of St. David’s, I pray that you and yours are well and that, like me, you are enjoying these early spring days with the early flowers and blossoms promising more beauty in all of our lives. I’ve been... read more

Healing Body, Mind, and Soul in Lent

Last Wednesday I sat in the chapel before the weekly Healing Service at 7:30am. I was looking over the service bulletin and marveling at the beauty of the language. You all know that we occasionally use Eucharistic Prayers from Enriching our Worship, a series of texts authorized by The Episcopal Church’s General Convention in 1998. This makes them accessible, but for most of you, invisible! One such treasure is the A Public Service of Healing. It’s public because it isn’t solely between two people, as we used to practice in the corners of the chapel following the reception of Holy Communion. This is an entire service devoted to healing…

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Church Performance

We have opportunities to draw close to God and to offer our lives to God every day, of course, but there’s a sweetness to a season when all of us are answering that call to come to God and to be touched by God. Perhaps it’s strength in numbers, but whatever it is I encourage you to allow this season of Lent to help you grow in faith and in the love of God. Last Sunday was an incredible moment in our common life… As we worshiped together and talked with one another, I began to reflect on some aspects of the year just past…

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