We Remember

“He is not here; Jesus is risen! Remember what he told you,” Luke 24:6

Dear People of St. David’s,

I pray that you and yours are well in this most important week of the Church year and want to offer a special invitation to you to remember. I invite you to remember the great work of salvation accomplished by God through Jesus Christ and join in the worship through Holy Week. For in remembering our very souls and lives can be renewed.

We all know the power of remembering in our lives. Remembering is a powerful ally at work or school, among family and friends, and in our daily lives. It’s the surest way to make something positive happen at work or to get that good grade in school. Remembering our history and experiences with family and friends opens our hearts to them and all the goodness we have shared. Remembering can stir our hearts beyond the everydayness of even our closest relationships and stir tenderness and thanksgiving in our hearts. Remembering how we got to this moment we are living can remind us of all the encouragement, hard work, favors received, and favors given that have helped make us who we are. Remembering gives us a clearer vision for moving forward and the courage and will to live that vision.

And what is true in our daily lives is true in our life with God, in a life where faith matters. All through the year we read stories, talk about and remember who God is and the kind of life God is calling us to live as Christians. We remember because it helps us learn the stories, gives us insights into the goodness and grace of God, and encourages us to live as Christians in the world.

Holy Week is all about remembering the good news of God’s love for us as we walk with Jesus through His passion, death, and resurrection. And even though we remember this ultimate sign of God’s love every week in the Communion prayer, the focus and movement of the liturgies deepens our knowing and remembrance in the most meaningful way. We remember and in remembering are drawn into the very presence of God.

And so that we don’t forget, I encourage you to come to St. David’s this Holy Week or via the livestream to remember. Come to remember God’s saving love for you, for me, and for all people, and allow God to touch your heart again or for the first time.
See you in Church.

Grace and Peace,
The Rev. W. Frank Allen